Behind the scenes with the Air Ambulance

We were joined by the Kent Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance for the evening!

On the evening of Thursday 6th August, a volunteer from the Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex joined to provide cadets with an insight to how the charity operates and just how critical it is.

The charity works to provide fast access to emergence medical support in the form of a Doctor and a Paramedic, and to take patients to hospital via the fastest route, the sky.

Formed in 1989, the charity originally only covered Kent and operated out of Marden, west Kent. The air ambulance expanded its coverage in 2007 to service Surrey and Sussex then in 2013 relocated to Redhill Aerodrome where they are based today.

“Its amazing just how much they are able to do with the equipment they have on board, they’re basically a mini hospital.”

The Air Ambulance is called to over 2, 500 missions every year and operates at all hours of day and night throughout the year.

Supporting the Air Ambulance

Join their 30 for 30 Challenge

Launched to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the charity and to help raise vital funds, the 30 for 30 Challenge encourages participants to create their own 30-themed fundraiser during the 30 days of September.

The fundraiser is focused on health and well-being, encouraging supporters to get up and get active, or take up a challenge that focuses on promoting well-being, like learning a new skill.

How to take part in the KSS 30 for 30 Challenge

It couldn’t be easier to get involved. Simply make up an activity inspired by the number 30. You could do something for 30 days, a 30-hour run, walk or hop, anything, so long as it revolves around the number 30. You could even test your willpower by giving up your favourite treat for a whole 30 days. Then encourage your friends and family to sponsor you for your 30 for 30 efforts and raise vital funds. We’re launching 30 for 30 on 1st September as it’s a month with 30 days in, but you can take on your challenge at any point.

Remember to tag us on social media @airambulancekss with any photos or videos of your challenge. You can email them to us as well at