Join as a Cadet

If you are thinking about joining the ATC – simply contact any squadron to ask about visiting.
Most squadrons meet on two evenings each week around 7pm-9.30pm, and there’s nearly always something going on at a weekend to get involved in.

We’re open all year, excluding Bank Holidays, and we also have a break around Christmas time, but we’re open throughout the rest of the year, including over school holidays. We can take young people on board from 12 years old. It is not possible to take cadets under this age. Generally, we would recommend that cadets joining us are under the age of 17 in order to get the most out of the Air Cadets – a cadet usually must leave at 18 years.
In our three month programme, a new recruit (we call them Junior Cadets) would be expected to learn about being a cadet, including: The history of the ATC and RAF, a brief history of flight, the rank structures for cadets and adult staff, basic foot drill, and the care of their uniform and shoes.

During their probationary period, recruits will be fitted for uniform. At the end of the three month period (often shorter) following the successful completion of a theory and drill test, our Junior Cadets are officially enrolled into the ATC at the CO’s parade.

Register Your Interest Now!

Royal Air Force Air Cadets Consent Certificate & Health Declaration

The below forms are available, as directed by Squadron staff, for you to complete electronically then email to the Squadron Commander or Adjutant. We can confirm that a typed signature is acceptable if we receive the completed forms from a Parent or Guardian’s email account.