Volunteer with the Air Cadets

Over 20? Seeking a new challenge? Would you like to develop skills, leadership qualities and gain qualifications too?

The Air Cadets have a skilled and dedicated staff team, but we are always looking for more talented individuals to join us. You do not need a Service background, or any particular military skills to work with us. Training is provided at various levels.
As the backbone of our organisation we’re always on the look out for high-calibre individuals to become volunteers, helping to run the activities that play such an important role in the lives of our young members.

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All kinds of people make up our volunteer staff, coming from a range of backgrounds and interests. Obviously if you have direct experience of working with young people, or any relevant skills such as flying or gliding, you would be particularly welcome. These aren’t essential though, as we will train and support you at every stage.

That said, you’ll have some personal qualities that are essential, such as patience, maturity and responsibility along with an understanding of young people and their needs. You needn’t be an athlete, but a good level of physical fitness also helps to ensure you can keep up with the cadets!

Are you Officer or SNCO material?
We rely on our volunteers to help us operate as effectively as possible. Being well organised is an obvious must, ideally with good managerial and administrative skills, and an ability to listen to problems and deal with them tactfully and appropriately.

If you don’t think you can quite make the commitment to being adult staff, there’s always the Civilian Committee (CC). This is a group of people that usually have current or previous links with the ATC (although it’s not necessary to know anything about the organisation), such as parents, former staff members, parents of ex-cadets, or even people with no connection to the Air Training Corps.
Each and every Squadron has its own associated Civilian Committee. There is a minimum of 5 members to any “Civ Com”, and there must be a Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary as well as the CO (ex-officio members).

The CC is responsible for overseeing the initial unit formation and direction. The committee also manage finances (in particular fund raising) but do not have any executive authority. The RAF budget includes “public funds” for the ATC, that’s money from taxes allocated by the government.

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