Quick reactions from Bexleyheath

Cadets and Adult Volunteers spring into action

On Thursday 9th September 2120hrs, two cars were involved in a collision on Watling Street just outside 359 (Bexleyheath) Squadron. Fortunately only one person was taken to hospital by the emergency services and there were no fatalities.

At the same time, the sqn were formed up outdoors for final parade with their Commanding Officer (CO), Flying Officer D Purvis, briefing the cadets on some ‘parish notices’ when they heard a loud crash followed by screaming.

The CO, Sergeant (Sgt) P Nasskau and Cdt Flight Sergeant (FS) L Debenham immediately ran to the main gate, leaving the Cadets in the care of the Padre and the remaining Adult Volunteers.

It became immediately apparent that there had been a road traffic accident and that there was at least 1 casualty. There were a number of members of the public milling around and traffic still trying to get through, despite a casualty in the middle of the road.

Immediately, Sgt Nasskau took control of the traffic, stopping drivers going through. He also took control of the crowds, clearing them from the casualty, allowing the CO to attend to the first aid requirements. Meanwhile, Cdt FS Debenham had fetched a first aid kit and was dealing the the minor injuries of others involved in the accident as well as assisting the CO with the main casualty.

Once the emergency services arrived on scene (after approx 10-15 minutes) they were able to escort parents to the Sqn on foot to allow the cadets to disperse. During this time, Padre Fuller had kept the cadets safe and calm within the Sqn compound and has made herself available to any cadets who have been affected by the incident to talk through their concerns.

Thankfully the casualty had not suffered any major injuries and was released from hospital the following morning.

It’s a testament to our training that our Adult Volunteers and Cadets could respond to and take control of an incident with such focus while all others around were in a state of panic. A huge congratulations are deserved by all those at 359 for their response!

Wing Commander Ian Woodhouse