2235 (Deal) Squadron RAFAC

Welcome to 2235 (Deal) Squadron!

We are a thriving Squadron of around 30 cadets and 12 adult staff members located in the heart of our Kentish seaside town, just a two minute walk from Deal Castle. We parade on Tuesday and Thursday evenings 1900-2130hrs, all year round, with just a short break over the festive period!

We are just one of 32 squadrons in Kent and a member of Kent Wing Sector 5, alongside 99 (Folkestone), 305 (Ashford), 354 (Dover), 500 (Headcorn), and 2513 (Romney Marsh) Squadrons. Together, we share ideas and work hard to help deliver the best possible ‘cadet experience’ to our young people.

We deliver activities on a wide range of core subjects which include, but are not limited to:

  • Adventure Training
  • Classification Syllabus in Aviation Studies
  • Drill and Ceremonial
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme
  • Fieldcraft
  • First Aid Training (SJA)
  • Flying
  • Gliding
  • History of Flight
  • Leadership
  • Music and Band
  • Navigation
  • Presentation Skills and Methods of Instruction
  • Radio Communications and Cyber Awareness
  • RAF Service Knowledge
  • Road Marching
  • Shooting and Marksmanship
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  • Space Studies
  • Sports

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    Cadets: Recruiting now!

    Next intake: 1st February 2024

    To register your interest, fill out our online form and we will get back to you: https://www.raf.mod.uk/aircadets/interested-in-joining-as-a-cadet/?squadronno=2235

    Staff: Not currently recruiting…

    Civilian Committee: Recruiting now!

    There is something for everyone in the Royal Air Force Air Cadets, and we always welcome new faces and hidden talents at 2235 (Deal) Squadron. If you are 12-15 years old, are at least in school Year 8, want to try something new and are interested in joining us, get in touch!

    Meet the Staff Team!

    We have a range of adult staff members at all ranks, with a wealth of experience in many different RAFAC roles and appointments, and with many different skillsets. All our Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAVs) are vetted with a Baseline Personnel Security Standard and an Enhanced DBS Certificate, and are First Aid trained in line with the SJA syllabuses. Uniformed Staff have UK Security Clearances.

    Officer Commanding: Flight Lieutenant M L Taylor RAFAC

    Length of Service: 9 years.

    Addressed as: Sir.

    Key Skills: Leadership and Management, Health, Safety and Environmental Protection, Staff Development, Presentation Skills and Methods of Instruction, STEM, Space Studies, Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, Drill and Ceremonial.

    Squadron Adjutant (Logs): Civilian Instructor K Evans

    Length of Service: 2 years.

    Addressed as: Ma’am/ Ms Evans.

    Key Skills: Organisation of Personnel and Events, First Aid Training, Sports.

    Squadron Adjutant (Infra): Civilian Instructor O Marley

    Length of Service: 6 years.

    Addressed as: Sir/ Mr Marley.

    Key Skills: Health, Safety and Environmental Protection, Fire Safety, Information Communications Technology, Media Communications, Cyber Awareness.

    Squadron Training Officer: Civilian Instructor K Gilbey

    Length of Service: 10 years.

    Addressed as: Sir/ Mr Gilbey.

    Key Skills: Organisation of Core Training, Aviation Studies, History of Flight, Navigation, STEM, Engineering, Media Communications.

    Squadron Warrant Officer: Sergeant J Gilbey RAFAC

    Length of Service: 10 years.

    Addressed as: Sergeant.

    Key Skills: Aviation Studies, Drill, Dress, Discipline and Ceremonial, Flying, Navigation, RAF Service Knowledge, STEM, Sports.

    Squadron Chaplain: Reverend Canon P Kerr

    Reverend Kerr is the Chaplain for several groups in Kent, including 2235 (Deal) Sqn RAFAC, 354 (Dover) Sqn RAFAC and the RBL Canterbury Branch. He is the point of contact for cadets and staff alike who would like to discuss faith, ethics, morals, wellbeing, welfare or just need someone to talk to.

    Service Instructor: Air Specialist 1 J Whitehead RAF

    Length of Service: 6 months (RAFAC)/ 3 years (RAF)

    Addressed as: Staff.

    Key Skills: Drill, Dress and Discipline, Service Knowledge (RAF), Analytic Skills and Critical Thinking.

    Civilian Instructor A Berridge

    Length of Service: 4 years.

    Addressed as: Sir/ Mr Berridge.

    Key Skills: Data Science, Engine Propulsion, Navigation, Radio Communications, Space Studies, Engineering.

    Civilian Instructor J Clohessy-Sorrell

    Length of Service: 6 months.

    Addressed as: Sir/ Mr Sorrell.

    Key Skills: Logistics, Supply, Aircraft Recognition.

    Civilian Instructor M Spain

    Length of Service: 1 year.

    Addressed as: Sir/ Mr Spain.

    Key Skills: Logistics, Supply, Fieldcraft, Music and Band.

    Civilian Instructor C Fyfe

    Length of Service: 6 months.

    Addressed as: Sir/ Mr Fyfe.

    Key Skills: STEM, Music and Band.

    Civilian Instructor E Hoult

    Length of Service: 6 months.

    Addressed as: Ma’am/ Miss Hoult.

    Key Skills: Adventure Training, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, Service Knowledge (RAF and RN), Sports.

    Civilian Instructor D Frazer

    Length of Service: 6 months.

    Addressed as: Sir/ Mr Frazer.

    Key Skills: Organisation of Core Training, Navigation, Adventure Training and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones).