Staying Home, Saving Lives

Cadets from across Kent Wing join together on Microsoft Teams to undertake their Bronze level Cyber Specialist award.

COVID-19 might have brought a halt to all Air Cadet face-to-face activity across the country, but that didn’t stop FS Rick from Biggin Hill Squadron running a bronze badge cyber course for 24 cadets from Kent Wing last weekend.

“During this period where we can’t parade, we are having to find new ways to keep the cadets engaged, and what better way to do a cyber course than online?”

Flight Sergeant Rick

The bronze cyber course is six hours long and covers topics such as Wi-Fi security, hacking, cyber attacks, cyber weapons, malware and social media safety.

“It was a very interesting course and I will certainly take cyber security a lot more seriously now.  I will ensure that I update software and do many of the necessary steps to ensure that I stay safe online.  I will certainly read all terms and conditions from now on!”

Cdt Alexander Howard, 2427 (Biggin Hill) Sqn

The cadets’ learning was checked throughout the course by completing several worksheets, by answering verbal questions and by doing their own research in to cyber attacks that have affected organisations such as the NHS, TalkTalk and the Ukrainian power grid.

“I’ve learnt a lot from this course, and I’m going to be more aware of what I post online and when I set passwords.”

Cdt Maissie Chan, 2520 (Tonbridge) Sqn

FS Rick ran the course via Microsoft Teams, which has been made available for use to all Air Cadet squadrons during the current stand down.