Senior NCO Courses

The Wing Senior NCO (SNCO) Course is the second step along a NCO’s path. It is the natural progression from the JNCO course and is designed to provide Corporals seeking promotion, or newly promoted Cadet SNCOs, with the enhanced skills needed to be effective in an SNCO rank. Cadets attending the course can expect to receive dedicated training and guidance relating specifically to the SNCO role.
The SNCO course is fully residential, taking place over a weekend, with accommodation and messing provided. There are normally 2 courses per year.

What to Expect

Much like the JNCO Course, you will arrive for the SNCO Course on Friday evening and after the usual course introductions you will quickly move on to the formal phases of training.
Phase 1 of the SNCO Course involves students undertaking the Belbin personality evaluation and a personal drill assessment. The weekend continues in to Phase 2 with training in the role of a SNCO, instruction in advanced leadership theory, along with welfare matters. Finally, Phase 3 of the course focuses primarily on planning, social media policy and further development opportunities. Along with the formal areas of training, the SNCO Course also introduces students to the concept of a Personal Development Plan (PDP). Directing Staff provide students with dedicated one-to-one feedback and advice designed to support ongoing progression after the course.

Pre-Course Requirements