Cadet Drill Course

The Wing Cadet Drill Course (CDC) is a development opportunity for those cadets who have shown a high aptitude for drill during the JNCO and SNCO course assessments, or who have shown promise at unit level and have been recommended by a Drill instructor.
This course provides students with the fundamental knowledge and essential skills needed to effectively and competently teach drill. The CDC is fully residential, taking place over a weekend, with accommodation and messing provided.

What to Expect

Friday evening involves course introductions and a personal drill assessment by one of the course Drill Instructors. You will also be briefed fully on uniform expectations during the course and have the opportunity to ensure your kit is prepared to the highest standard. Saturday and Sunday include enhanced drill theory and plenty of practical drill training, all of which is designed to ensure you increase your knowledge and ability in drill and are able to become effective instructors back at your Unit. The course closes on the Sunday afternoon with a ceremonial display given by the course students and the presentation of certificates for successful completion.

Pre-Course Requirements